Hello my name is computerfreaker / CF, real name being Emillia but people call me Emi / Em, Ex-Military Aeroplane test pilot with a degree in rocket engineering and cybersecurity that loves to learn new stuff about anything even stuff that is hard to understand. I am trans-female with a deep voice, born on October 12th, I like computers, security, games, music, 3d modelling, anything related to electronics, cars, space, rockets, planes, chemicals, dogs and ofcourse chilling. Addicted to VR games, have spend many hours playing VRChat, very social butterfly and like to talk to people about anything. Always up to make new friends and learn more about people and their inner thoughts. I have worked with many coding languagues.


API (archived), a simple API I created in PHP, for JSON requests/Images.

API V2, the updated version that is still heavily WIP and isn't ready for public release.

Uni Bot, a discord bot I made in Kotlin.

Homepage, the current page you are looking at.

Osu Sig, an updated version of osusig that works with PHP7+

Kotori (archived), a twitter bot that posted booru/imageboard images at a regular interval.

GUI Test (archived), a simple GUI test I made to interact with the old API to see how both interact